We Need To Be Critical Thinkers
Photo by Bruce Mars from StockSnap

A better thinker can be seen as a quick thinker and relatively a problem solver. One way I propose that can enhance one’s ability to be a better thinker is the ability to improve our investigative senses and asking questions that will encourage deep thinking.

We come across various materials regularly with few people not interested in knowing the source, but when we devote time investigating materials, we can learn more, understand, and put ourselves in a position to think deeper.

After investigation, the next step is asking the right questions that will probe the individual to think and act upon solutions or choices he/she may have produced while thinking.

The right questions can elicit information that will benefit all parties involve and awaken their senses to think deep to fill out blank spaces that will otherwise be left with unanswered queries.

Fair enough, critical thinking takes time and it is a continual process, but the best practice will be for us to think effectively for ourselves rather than rely on others to think for us, to do this, we need to always feed our minds with the best information that will prove useful in times of need.


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