Lyrical Pontiff - UP NEPA
Lyrical Pontiff - UP NEPA

In this demoralizing country
Nepa is my promiscuous lover.
I must share her with others.
And I cheat on her too with my generator.

Sometimes she’s nice to me
Sometimes she forgets that I ever exist.
But I pay her bills even in her absence.
I forget her misgivings when she’s in my arms.

Each time she comes around, I rejoice.
My neighbors too because she brings tranquility.
At night, she lights up the quiet neighborhood.
It’s heaven when she sleeps over for the night.

My side chick is a noise maker
But I trust her more than your lover.
When my lover is gone, side chick comes to work.
She moans and groans all through the night.

Sometimes my side chick breaks down working.
I don’t even know which of them is more expensive.
I hate my lover whenever she’s gone,
And when she cums, everybody yells “UP NEPA”.

She’s unkind to me but I hate to love her.
I love her more than my standby side chick.
Our love is fragile, she’s a candle in the wind.
She loves to go, everything pisses her off.

I have survived many sultry nights without her.
I have spent so much servicing my side chick.
Nepa my love, we have had many quarrels recently,
Please come back, let me see your ogbanje face.


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