Lyrical Pontiff - UDARA TREE
Lyrical Pontiff - UDARA TREE

Ah! This Udara tree, how familiar it is.
We rendezvoused here so many times.
Stars in the sky will bear witness.
How did we lose our love to the whirlwind?
We took an oath under this prying tree.

This Udara tree, how well I know it
You sat on my thighs, powerless
Shaking like the leaves on the branches.
Then I took your hands
And tied your lips with kisses.

I can’t forget that twilight tryst,
You were too shy to concentrate.
It was your very first kiss,
Just the two of us in the cold
And the moon met us in that uncompromising position.

Come and see what has become of this tree
A wilting tree, a replica of my love life.
The Udara tree is too stubborn to die.
At those dire days, it served us.
It shielded us from the sun and rain.

The Udara tree waves the remains of its leaves.
Now I’m explaining to the birds perched on it
That since the last time you left me here,
We parted just for a month… Alas
That month was to last forever.


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