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Hassan Diab, a Lebanese politician, engineer, and academic who is currently serving as the Prime Minister of Lebanese, has declared Wednesday a National day of mourning for the victims of the blast which occurred on Tuesday 4th of August 2020.

He reported that he is working tirelessly to ensure the safety of those at the site. He also addressed the blast as a catastrophe and promised to bring those responsible to book.

The Prime Minister said that the “dangerous Warehouse” where the blast happened has been there since 2014 and insisted that the investigation will be vetted. while he was speaking, he was in tears to see collapsed buildings, dead people, and many injured people too.

Many journalist have recorded that the tragedy may have been caused by a large amount of 2,700 Ammonium Nitrate being stored in a warehouse unprotected. Videos were published showing smoke forming a mushroom cloud following the blast at the city’s port. The blast happened twice, the first was little but the second was huge and disastrous.

According to Wikipedia, the Ammonium Nitrate is a chemical compound with the chemical formula NH4 NO3. it is predominantly used in agriculture as a high-nitrogen fertilizer. Another major use is as a component of the explosive mixture used in mining, quarrying, and civic construction.

Some Journalists in Lebanon reported that the numbers claimed steadily through the day, and with the wounded still streaming into hospitals and the search for missing people is still ongoing. They also reported that most hospitals are full and cannot accommodate most of the injured persons.

Reports from enlisted some prominent persons who died in the blast which includes; Kataeb political party leader, Nizar Najarian, who was killed in the blast, and among those injured was Kamal Hayek, the chairman of the state-owned electricity company, who was in critical condition.

American military leaders seem to think it was an attack by certain persons or countries. U.S President Donald Trump also sent his heartfelt sympathies after what was called “a terrible attack” and his secretary of state Mike Pompeo offered assistance, which he twitted; “ we are monitoring and stand ready to assist the people of Lebanon as they recover from the terrible tragedy”. Many countries such as the U.S, FRANCE, IRAQ, IRAN, ISRAEL, GERMANY, and several more are willing to render assistance and resources to Lebanon.

The people of Lebanon are now faced with fear, and a high level of homelessness, depression, desperation, and an increasing rate of medical crisis.

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