According to Local Media Outlet Raymond Igbalodely, popularly known as “Ray HushPuppi” is worth over 20 million USD, the Dubai-based billionaire & philanthropist took to his Instagram Page to share an important lesson about staying Positive and Prayerful. In his words;

“Let me tell you a short story, you can learn a thing or two from. Instagram is a place where a lot of losers find confidence in trolling people which I have been a victim of for many people; some words get to me sometimes and because of this I disabled my IG notifications and I stayed away from reading comments because I know what you don’t see or hear don’t get to your heart. Then this beautiful day few days ago, I wanted to delete the post of my newly acquired rolls Royce truck and a comment came in right at that moment of someone commenting under another fan’s comment trolling them, it said “😂😂…. poor man praying for the rich”

so it caught my interest and wanted to see what was going on and then I saw someone else before that one even already dissed about the same thing. Then I took a screenshot and saved it in my favs in my photo album so I can see it again and remember to reach out to that awesome person who prayed for me regardless of his fanatical status and being called poor. This morning I was looking through my phone and I saw the screenshot and I decided to dm the guy who prayed for me without knowing it was his birthday and he shares the same birthday with his dad, and I wished them happy birthday and I decided to make his day and make him a millionaire and make him know there’s a win in being a positive person, there’s good in wishing and praying good for people no matter your situation, don’t let it get the best out of you. Be positive, Be prayerful. I fulfilled my wish and I got him out of his situation and made him a millionaire this morning. I advised him to put that money into good and pay it forward to positive and prayerful person in the future”.

I was really trilled by this show of kindness and encouragement, and hope you are also. God Bless you Ray HushPuppi.
Be Positive, Be prayerful.

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