Lyrical Pontiff - SISTER MARY
Lyrical Pontiff - SISTER MARY

At the end of a crusade, Sister Mary
Misplaced her hand bag. The dispersing crowd
Emptied the venue, leaving Mary stranded
In the thick dusky cold, confused and trembling.

Her house was so far off!
The last person packing up was a pastor.
Sister Mary pleaded: “Please take me to the
Other side, I have no money. God will reward you.”

The Pastor alighted from his car and stared at
Sister Mary without pity. Dusk stretched its fangs,
“Please I have no money. God will reward you.
Just take me to the next junction”. She fell on her knees.

The Pastor scoffed: “You have no money, young girl
But you have your body. Give me your body and I will
Take you anywhere you wish”. And he made a gesture.
Sister Mary felt the pangs and fangs of the night.

In tears, she smiled at his gesture in divine grace.
She took off her clothes and yielded
To the Pastor the sanctity of her naked body.
Under the supervision of the stars and the moon.

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