With covid-19 claiming millions of lives all over the world, many people has expressed their fears and concerns regarding the economic, social and spiritual effect the pandemic places in the World today.

Some of those concerned person is former Rivers State governor and current minister of transportation, Rotimi Ameachi. Conscious of his age and the risk of him contracting covid-19, the honorable minister has expressed his fear of the virus and pled with Nigerians to put on a “face mask not a mouth mask” as is common in our society. In his public address he said;

“if anybody has ever seen me in public without this (pointing to his sanitizer), let the person raise up his hand. The reason is that I have seen people die of covid-19 so I am dead scared”.

he continued; “if you ask the last speaker, I refused to agree that we should open the railways. it is the pressure of those who want to participate in the forthcoming spiritual activities that made me accept that we will open the railway from Abuja to Kaduna. We don’t want to see how handsome or beautiful you are. Please wear for me a face mask, not a mouth mask. If you wear a face mask, the train will stop and you will come down”.


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