Reno Omokri Encourage Tourism Through Masquerade

Reno Omokri, controversial Nigerian author and lawyer has used his micro-blogging medium “Twitter” to teach Africans the economic importance of masquerades.

The Nigerian Tv host posted on his twitter inviting Nigerians to carefully take a look at the Masquerade dance presented by most tribes. He invites Nigerians to see this as source of Tourism which will help the country financially. He said

“Oil is going soon. Soon to be gone. Nigeria must create wealth from non-exhaustible sources. Last year, I visited 37 countries. I know that this igbabonelimin masquerade of Esanland, in Edo State, Nigeria. Can draw tourist and earn us foreign exchange”.

In this attempt to persuade Nigerians to look into masquerade as a source of foreign exchange, a fellow citizen saw this as encouraging idolatry and against his believe quoting passages from the Bible. In reply to this comment, Reno Omokri went on to say

“You see masquerades entertaining crowds as idol worship and serving mammon (mammon means god of money). Yet you go to Europe and America to pay to see their own culture. Sadly there are so many inferiority complexed Africans”.



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