Lyrical Pontiff - Reclusive Neighbor

This lady in my neighborhood
Appears just like the sun,
Hot and sparkling, so shining.
But a sun concealed beneath
Thick dark clouds for many days
Amid the time of perpetual rain.

She reminds me of a receding tide
She is at ebb by a calm breeze.
There she is, utterly quiet
After her hour of froth and thunder.
After her lofty soaring waves,
There she is, calm and low-key.

She is a fallen star from the skies
And all her radiance dimmed out.
I am here to light up her world.
She is a desolate cow in heat,
I offer her the service of a bull and
A fresh cut grass, she declines.

She remains an unsaddled horse
Standing forlorn and riderless.
She is irresistible and inviting,
But there’s no ride for a rider.
I can not mount the saddle now,
Because her secrets might be an addled egg.


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