Ray HushPuppi reportedly arrested by Interpol

From news trending, it is more likely that Nigerian Philanthropist Ray HushPuppi and co have been arrested with their properties sealed with warrant yesterday by the Interpol and Federal Bureau of Investigation in Dubai, UAE.

The Dubai-based Nigerian philanthropist is known for his extravagant spending and sumptuous expensive lifestyle with exotic cars and expensive clothes both home and abroad, which has brought a lot of concerns to Nigerians as they seem not to identify his source of wealth.

Reports state that HushPuppi and his friends were arrested around 2 pm Dubai time for diverting over $100 million that was supposed to go to unemployed Americans during the coronavirus pandemic, and the FBI and Interpol are suspecting this money could be in their hands. HushPuppi and his friends seem to be exploring the pandemic as this is not the only fraudulent report against them during this pandemic.

A lot of Nigerians have responded happily to this development as many have expressed their joy concerning it. Despite this, some also sympathize with him and pray he gets out soon.


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