Due to the growth of the international Pandemic of our today’s world, Many have seen the Need and Purpose of the Facemask. But we forget that the Facemask might not serve its purpose if not worn properly, in this article we hope this might help us understand the function or purpose of facemask.

The Facemask is worn to catch the bacteria shed in liquid droplets and aerosols from the wearers mouth or nose. Also if not properly worn might not be able to protect the Wearer from inhaling bacteria or Virus particles.

A proper way to wear the Facemask……
* If the Wearer is having a Flu, the white side should be to our face ( the colour side faces out ) to filter microorganisms from spreading to others.

* If the Wearer is not I’ll, the white side should face out, to serve its function which is to protect microorganisms from outside to come in contact with the Wearer.

Protect Yourself!

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