Lyrical Pontiff - PETER'S WIFE
Lyrical Pontiff - PETER'S WIFE
When I look at Peter's wife
At least I know where his grief is.
The moon knows how much her beauty fades
Weighed against the courtship days.

Charity begins at home, same as troubles.
His wife fuels the endless fire at home.
So, pretty Agnes profits from the raging fire.
The more it burns, the more she profits.

How dare you call an arrangement of bricks home?
Home is the comfort built with sugary words.
Home is the art piece of the tattoo on Agnes's thigh.
Home is what makes the heart feel at ease.

When troubles roar day and night, home is war.
Peter's Wife has sentenced him to exile.
And Agnes has tightened her grip on him.
She has seized him, providing refuge.

But how did Peter's wife lose her fragrance?
Her touchstone was full of magic, now fruits
No longer hang on her tree. Unlike the past.
She is dry like a desert and he's thirsty.

You cannot believe the drama when nemesis came for its debt. Two lovers in Coldstone
Busted by Peter's wife. Those who knew Agnes
Will now be confused, because acid did its work.


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