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Nigerian Reggae-dancehall singer and songwriter PatoranKing remains one of the Nigerian celebrities who had to struggle really hard to get to the limelight. Severally he has shared his numerous soul-touching stories of struggle with his fans through his various social media platforms.

Today he shares another heart-touching story which will shock you. The Alubarika singer shared this amazing struggle story with the hope to motivate and encourage others, he said;

“2007 I was working at chicken Republic Ikeja GRA branch…. The job was a life saver for my Family and I…. Na Only me and God understand”.


Who would believe he went through this kind of struggle 13 years earlier before he got to where he is currently. The Lesson for me might be – Never envy anyone, you don’t know their past. Tomorrow knows Nobody.

I don’t know what yours might be, feel free to share yours in our comment box below.

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