Lyrical Pontiff - PAMPERS MONEY

“I am a different person now”
I whisper this to the moonlight.
This pub is always hungry enough
To devour my lean pocket.

My phone grumbles, wifey calls.
My mother-in-law spin the wheels
Of omugwo. O! My phone never sleeps,
Mumsy checking up on the baby…

Time annoyingly creeps up on me.
My wristwatch says seven sixteen.
The bottle is half empty,
My home stretches its arms, beckoning.

But wait o, “I am a different person now”.
Wifey doesn’t give a hoot about my day,
Mumsy didn’t ask if I have eaten well,
My mother-in-law loves seeing my face around.

I am a father now, the world should wait.
Stout is bitter, beer has no bearing,
I am tethered to my duty post,
Yet everyday this pub wants my PAMPERS MONEY.

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