Tekasha 6ix9ine
Nicki Minaj Slams Usher in new song “Trollz” ft 6ix9ine

Tekasha 6ix9ine and Nicki Minaj have collaborated again to drop another song and video titled “Trollz”. This will be the second song 6ix9ine has released with Nicki since he left the prison as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He is serving the remainder of his sentence in House Arrest under the supervision of the Federal Security.

“Trollz” has become one of the fastest songs in history to reach #1 on the US iTunes. This becomes Nicki’s 14th song and 6ix9ine’s 3rd song to reach #1 on the chart. Within 8hrs, “Trollz” has been streamed by over 10 million viewers and still counting.

The lyrics of “Trollz” has brought the attention of many as the words of Nicki Minaj seem to be a shot back at her rival “Usher”. In her line she said:

“Somebody Usher this n*gga into a clinic, My flows still sick, I ain’t talking about a pandemic”

This line is seen to be referring to a legal case  Usher had in 2017, this case was about a woman accusing Usher of sexually transmitting and giving her herpes. The woman demanded that she be paid $10 million as compensation for not being informed prior to having sex with Usher.


Lot of people seem to be in support of this shot fired back, as it is seen as a response to Usher calling her “a product of lil Kim” last month.

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