Lyrical Pontiff - MY LOVER
Lyrical Pontiff - MY LOVER

My lover is not that beautiful
And she has red temper
But who will paint my sky
In the dreary, dirty, dusk
If I let her go not to come back?

My lover is vertically challenged
And she calls high heels stilts
But it is better to love
A short girl than not at all (a tall).
Plus, she holds me down.

My lover cannot really cook
And she swallows a mountain of
But I’m neither starving nor complaining.
Even though all she can do is boil water.
At least, she serves me coitional delicacies.

My lover’s behind lags behind
Is it your business? She’s my (flat mate)
My ex was curvy, she was a crooked crook.
Farm shelter no fine but e dey pursue rain.
She’s not chaste but definitely better than none(nun).

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