Tonye Dokubo
Tonye Dokubo

I sat on the rooftop looking at the black, milk, and blue clouds, it all looked beautiful..

I sat alone as my thoughts went foggy, the next I saw myself in a locked-down city, empty streets with birds playing in the air, singing, flying around sourcing for what to eat freely.

I was told to be careful what I wished for cause I just might get it, and wished to be human but free as the birds, hoping to fly to greater heights like the eagle I wanted to touch the skies

I wished to lay my eggs far from humanity for humanity’s in jeopardy, I wanted to create my colony up in the skies far from the pandemic, only then my legacy, my clan, my eggs will survive …

I’ve felt so alone in this foggy world I lit up my blunt so could see the clouds so close and touch it

I’m in this world but not of this world ….yes… I know…I know my vision is what keeps me in this world …I’m not aiming for just the star, I aim also for the sun and beyond the light that I see … I aim for the unseen, brooding on the unhatched eggs hoping for what the morrow holds, I’m certain it holds beyond my expectations

Tonye Dokubo


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