Louisa (www.twitter.com)

Louisa is one of Nigeria’s finest accountant and graphic designer, she particularly played a role in bringing the movie “Living in Bondage” (directed by Ramsey Noah) to our screen. Louisa was the graphic designer for the movie “Living in Bondage”, she designed the cult symbols, company logos, blog page, and Instagram page used in the movie.

But prior to this opportunity she had to work with these big names, she has shared with everyone through her Twitter the ordeals that have occurred before she got compensated just recently.

Recently she used Twitter to call out those involved in the production of the movie “Living in Bondage” including the director Ramsey Noah, as she cries about not being compensated after seeing her works in the movie. She tweeted that after she had put much effort into creating designs for the movie, her works were rejected and she assumed they were not going to be used. Surprisingly, she saw them in the movie and called out to be compensated.

Hours later she got compensated and thanked everyone including famous actress Kate Henshaw who helped her. Irrespective of all that happened she still express her joy for the privilege she had to play a part in that movie and “hope for future possibilities”.

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