Hector Michael
Hector Michael (Poet & Singer)

I never wanted a perfect relationship, I just wanted my best friend to be my best till I breathe my last;
I got In with a mind that I have found mine
It was when I found you and everything looks great and it was nice.

Some night I end up talking about you to myself and fall asleep in the memories you brought and how I felt;
Not knowing that I was dwelling in darkness under the sun.

It gets to a point that I needed just your time but what you began to give was your blames in return;
You could match your shoe colour with your cloth, but not your actions with your words; and you didn’t just break your promise, you broke me too without warnings…

Now I have learned a lesson that is hard to make up with;
That you can be important to someone but not all the time.

And I have lean a life it was never mine; it’s responding to people base on how they treat me and not how I love them,
And I now realize that Love at first sight is the most common eye disease.

Poet & Singer


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