Reno Omokiri (image source: www.facebook,com)

Us-based Nigerian author and TV presenter Reno Omokiri shared incredibly amazing news about his early adult life that appears funny compared to his current personality

On his various social media platforms, the 46yrs lawyer described the experience he got while he resided in England as a young man. Criticizing the Nigerian system as usual, he shared how drunk British Arsenal fans who felt he was Kanu Nwankwo showered him with money and drinks after Arsenal won a game in 2003. Describing the experience he explained;

“Thank God I lived in England as a young man. If I had been living in Nigeria with my cornrows, it is me EFCC and SARS would have probed, rather than Bola Tinubu and his bullion vans!”

He continued; “I had to stop braiding my hair after Arsenal won a game in 2003 and drunk British fans saw me and began giving me money and bought drinks for me. They thought I was Kanu Nwankwo. And then I thought to myself, what if Arsenal had lost?

They would have given me the beating of a lifetime. The next day, I loosened my hair!”

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