I Know How Miracles Happen

Miracle is the fruit of a spirit life
Born from a living attitude of faith
It is as old as the ancient of days
Its principle the same from age to age
It is that which was in manifestation
When it was said
“Arise and walk” to the man who was lame

I know how miracles happen
Miracle happen when you know it will happen
Like the woman with the issue of blood
When she said
“If only I can touch the hem of His garment”
Miracle happen
But not when you ponder with the wisdom of mortal
Like peter
When he lost his gaze and sank
Miracle happen when you fine tune your faith to the Omnipotent frequency of the Omnipresent
Like the centurion
When he said
“Lord speak the word only”

I know how miracles happen

To posses the miraculous
Is to rephrase the curiosity of necodemous
When he asked
“lord how shall I be born of water and the spirit”
Only then can you raise the dead
Because now you are risen from death
Only then can you walk on liquid plain
Because now you are planted by the river of holy rain
Only then can you still the sea
Because now you bear his seal

The miraculous has the vocal amplitude of effecting changes to the noisy gong of ungodly agony
And then make it a glorious sound of righteous melody

I know how miracles happen
Because miracle is not a mirage

Daka I. Fortune
Spirit Poet

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