Humility A Way Of Life

I believe in humility to be a way of life meant for all mankind and as such should not be seen for weakness or cowardice.

As a child, I recall myself being an extremely quiet boy and most times seen as depressed or other times called a loner or bored to be around kind of kid, but it never stopped me from having fun and doing the things I love.

Most parents groom their kids to be strong and to stand up for themselves, while some will go the extra mile of encouraging their kids to be ready to take up a fight no matter the situation not minding the lasting effect of their parental words or advice.

I feel the lasting solution to living in peace with our family and friends should be an environment of love where people humble themselves and see others as valuable as themselves and not less than.

I remember a humbling experience as a kid I had to relocate from my home state to another state and as accustomed to all relocation, I had to change school. My new school at the time felt I needed to repeat certain classes because the school administration felt it would help me grow faster, not minding how I felt my parents approved the change in class and I ended up in a class as the tallest and biggest among kids my mate.

It was traumatizing at first because I felt like I was in the wrong place and every time I got into a fight with a kid that taunts me for being the biggest in the class I end up in trouble, and the most humbling experience was when I received my grading sheet for the term with a remark from my teacher to my parents calling me a bully.

At this stage, the grade was not a problem, but the remark from my teacher was the major issue. After much scolding from my parents, I learned that the best way to deal with any issue is to do it with love. I ended up being friends with everyone and even went as far as being a protector to my friends and those that I see being bullied around me.

First of all, I humbled myself when corrected and never took advantage of the smaller kids because I was blessed with a bigger body. I saw for myself as a kid that being tagged a bully is never a good thing and felt obliged to use my size to protect the smaller kids. I ended up loving myself the more and always look forward to going to school every day.

My experience as a kid has helped me to be the best I can at all times, respecting everyone I come across, and to remain humble.

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