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Following the failed attempt to produce Smart Glasses, Google has resulted in purchasing North, a smart glass company known for producing augmented reality glasses.

North announced today that its technical expertise will aid google team to invent its hardware. Although the details for the deal, including how much Google paid was not revealed, Rich Osterloh, Google’s senior vice-president of devices and services wrote with respect to this new development;

“We are building towards a future where helpfulness is all around you where all your devices just work together and technology fades into the background”.

North launched their smart glass Focal 1.0 last year January, with features including a tiny laser in the arm that project images in front of user’s eye. The Focal 1.0 can also pair with the user’s phone Bluetooth which can help display your phone’s notifications, provide you with directions to your destination, and even help you get a taxi.

Leo Gabbie an insight analyst who used the Focal 1.0 reported that the company needs further refinement of this gadget; he complimented;

“The original Google Glass became an infamous venture for the company,” he added.

“But arguably the product was simply ahead of its time.

“Smart glasses could be a revolutionary item of technology. And many Google services, such as Maps, would dovetail perfectly with the right piece of hardware.”

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