Exit of Shoprite: The Controversial News by Christian Tamunotonye Caroline

The issue of Shoprite leaving Nigeria has raised a lot of controversy amongst the Nigerian citizens and most especially the youths as they make the most of the Nigerian population and the major buyers from the shopping mall.

Shoprite is a popular Nigerian shopping mall and a lot has happened in the past years to deter her from rendering her services in the country, issues ranging from the xenophobic attack between Nigeria and South Africa that left great scars in the hearts of the two nations, the Corona Pandemic and the decline in the nation’s economy but in all these she has stood by the nation in her trying times rendering her services religiously; she didn’t leave then, why should she leave now? A question to ponder upon; according to the country director for Chastex Consult Mr. Ini Archibong in a telephone conversation with Vanguard Newspaper on the 3rd of August 2020 he said ’Shoprite is not leaving Nigeria’ and that they’ve only given a great opportunity for Nigerian investors to come in and to also help drive home their expansion plan furthermore he said who leaves a business with over $30billion naira invest and closes shop; it will be outrageous.

It is true that due to the total lockdown issued as a result of the Corona Pandemic, customers visit declined by 7.4 percent while the average basket spends increased by 18.4 percent but yet still, a promising future awaits all lovers and buyers of the mall, as the mall has only given a blueprint for expansion inviting our Nigerian Investors who share in this vision thereby creating a truly Nigerian business run and owned by Nigerians for the Nigerian market; serving as a tool for the increase of the Nigerians economy and the alleviation of the hunger and poverty that plagues the Nigerian citizens.

Christian Tamunotonye Caroline

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