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Timothy Aveni, who was a software engineer in one of the world most popular social networking site Facebook, has through a post on Monday announced his resignation. His claims are that the CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has refused to enforce the company’s content rule when it comes to American President Donald Trump. He made this public as he said;

“I cannot keep excusing Facebook’s behavior, Mark always told us that he would draw the line at speech that calls for violence. He showed us on Friday that this was a lie. Facebook will keep moving the goalposts every time Trump escalates, finding excuse after excuse not to act on increasingly dangerous rhetoric,”

He continued “Facebook is providing a platform that enables politicians to radicalize individuals and glorify violence, and we are watching the United States succumb to the same kind of social media-fueled division that has gotten people killed in the Philippines, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.”

According to New York Times, it is evident that other employees are taking the same action as Timothy Aveni but not willing to make it public or protest against the Company just like he did.

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