Dubai Police Reveals Discoveries From HushPuppi

For over a week, Raymond Igbalodely also known as Ray HushPuppi have been in the hands of Security agencies in Dubai for allegedly Cyber Crimes and Fraud. He was accused of diverting over 100 million dollars that were supposed to be given to Native-Americans during this global pandemic, he is still being investigated for other fraudulent crimes since he was arrested.

The United Arab Emirates Security Agencies have been conducting a serious investigation on this Dubai-based Nigerian big boy since his arrest, and they have shared with the public some findings that are more likely to be evidence of HushPuppi’s fraudulent act. The Dubai police have bumped into the house of HushPuppi and his gang and revealed their discoveries, the search was conducted recently and the findings include; the sum of 150 million dirhams which is equivalent to $40,838,550 cash, 21 Laptops, 47 smartphones, 15 flash drives, 5 hard disk and 13 exotic cars worth 25 million dirhams ($6,806,425).

From this discovery and others, it is more likely that HushPuppi specializes in creating fake pages for existing websites to redirect payments. Hacking corporate emails and sending fake messages to their clients. As revealed by these Agencies, more search is still conducted as it is a serious Crime.

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