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Don Jazzy (

Micheal Collins Ajerah popularly known as “Don Jazzy” has been called out on Twitter because of a comment he made which many have interpreted to be in respect to D’banj’s alleged rape case. 

D’banj was called out on Twitter by one Miss Seyitan, accusing him of rape weeks earlier. D’banj has denied this claim and gotten Seyitan arrested earlier this week as he seeks that the law intervenes and he is compensated. With this action, a lot of fans have criticized and accused him of intimidating Seyitan with the law.

Organizations and Celebrities have also spoken up and sort for ways to get Seyitan out. Don jazzy who is the founder of Mo hits record also spoke up concerning this matter and the public seems to criticize his statement. In his statement he said;

“No matter how long a lie lasts, the truth will always prevails. The fact is that one of them is a victim and the law will protect that person. I stand firmly against rape and all injustices against women, children, and everyone including oppression. I urge all victim to speak out and report to the appropriate quarters”. He continued “it is also important that every accused person be given the opportunity to set facts straight. For most of us, all we have is the good name our parents have given us and we must protect and bequeath to our own successors. This particular case saddens my soul but I am not competent to investigate or judge this matter. I implore the police to thoroughly investigate and courts to do justice”.

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