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Things are getting sour as increased anxiety is noticed concerning D’banj and one Miss Seyitan Babatoye who accused the Nigerian singer and philanthropist of raping her some time ago. A lot of people seem to be on Seyitan’s side, as they continue to criticizing D’banj for getting her arrested and seeking justice with the help of law officials.

On the side of the Music singer, he seems to be losing his fans and reputation as the accusation continue to be the talk of the town and trend on social media. Things are getting worst for him as a major 45 million Naira deal he was supposed to have with Heritage Bank just got suspended as the bank would have him prove his innocence beyond possible doubt before moving forward with the deal.

Added to this, Seyitan Babatoye has also released a picture of D’banj at the said hotel where the incident occurred, with this many is beginning to believe that D’banj is guilty of the offense.

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