How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something because you’re scared of how people will react?

How many times have people’s opinion and criticism stopped you from doing what you believe in?

How many times have people’s perspectives or perception stopped you from living your potentials?

We all feel that failure, rejection and people kill dream, yes they do but there are four words that have killed mores and dreams than failure, rejection and anyone in the World. These four words are “What Will People Say” These four words when said in our hearts or head kills dreams faster than the aforementioned.

No matter what we choose to do there will always be people to find faults or complain about it. It is absurd that we give up what we want to be in life because of people’s opinion. The aching part is if we are living for other people’s opinion we will never be right. There will always be someone with something they will never agree with. This is why it is important to work with our convictions and what matters to us.

Aristotle one said “ the three ways to avoid criticism is Do Nothing, Say Nothing and Be Nothing” and am sure we don’t want that to happen to our future. If we can’t afford a Do-Nothing or Be-Nothing future, we have to Do-Something to Be-Something.

So don’t let anyone’s Opinion stop You, Don’t let anyone’s Criticism hold You back. Keep Following Your Passion. Invest in what You believe in.

Remember don’t let People’s Compliment get to your head; and don’t let people’s Criticism get to your Heart.

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