Chibueze Onunwo - Poetic Series
Evils Of The society

I am tired of the fake society
Improving immorality
Criticizing Christianity
Fighting for political parties
And still doesn't understand their community
A society of racism and sexism.

What Do You Do When You Are Unable To Write?

When I am not able to write,
I become lost in my thoughts
It becomes difficult to differentiate
between motivation and inspiration
My words turn into torments
Paper and pen becomes my worst enemy
Music becomes my harmony

The View About Life

Life is a balance
You just have to make everything equal
Your way of life,
Your beliefs
Your fate,
Your fate 
Your God.

Purpose Of Your Life

Your life has a purpose
Do not be inquisitive about it
Do not end up credulous about the wrong things people say about you.
Explore beyond 

What Is Your Reason To Read?

Do not read because you are forced to
Read because you have a goal
Read because people read to live better
Read to acquire knowledge
Read to fit in the society
Read to understand
Understand to read.
Have no reason to read.!

A Word Of Love

Her voice is as the summer moon
Lighting up the world out of its bad mood

To All Foster Children

Don’t be too hard on yourself
When you can't find the true answers of yourself
But rather,
Be hard on the answers you are yet to find about yourself
For you are brighter than the evening sun.

Glittering Blindness

We are usually distracted by the beauty of a lady
Unable to detect her cruelty


Anger is natural
Anger is inborn
Anger is never a solution
But rather; a destruction
Anger can be controlled by patience,
Endurance, tolerance, understanding, and pure love.
Anger shows the true you

Chibueze Onunwo

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