We Need To Be Critical Thinkers

We Need To Be Critical Thinkers

A better thinker can be seen as a quick thinker and relatively a problem solver. One way I propose that can enhance one's ability to be a better thinker...
Humility A Way Of Life

Humility A Way Of Life

I believe in humility to be a way of life meant for all mankind and as such should not be seen for weakness or cowardice. As a child, I recall...

Criticism; the Dream Killer

How many times have you stopped yourself from doing something because you’re scared of how people will react? How many times have people’s opinion and criticism stopped you from doing...

Proper Way to Wear a Facemask

Due to the growth of the international Pandemic of our today's world, Many have seen the Need and Purpose of the Facemask. But we forget that the Facemask might...

Nyobex couturier(NBY) Fashion House

Nyobex couturier(NBY) is a Nigerian fashion Brand that offers a top notch design, Well tailored male and female apparel. Our designs are known for Elegant finishing with neat Ice to...
Peter watson

JTB Fashion and Lifestyle

Peter Francis Watson is a man known for many skills and talents but mostly acknowledged for his creative designs of fashion statements and lifestyle products from simple glass beads...
Ime Bishop

Ime Bishop All Trim and Fit

The Okon of Lagos or better still of Nigeria, Actor, Comedian and popular face of Nollywood, Ime Bishop Umoh, has successfully called himself out for making a remarkable change...

Jason Statham named UK’s Celebrity Manliest Man

Jason Statham has been named the UK's Celebrity Manliest Man. The 47-year-old actor - who is dating model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - topped the national survey after beating the likes...

7 essential tips for looking great without makeup

Many women think that a makeup is the only way to look gorgeous each day. While makeup is great and fun, you don’t have to wear it daily...

Victoria Beckham stays fit while working

No wonder her body stays really toned always. Can you imagine being at work yet keeping fit at the same time?...Yes that’s what wife of footballer, Victoria Beckham does. ...

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Reno Omokiri creates Link for arrested protester to access free Lawyers in Abuja, says...

One of Nigeria’s Us-based Lawyer & transformational speaker Reno Bemigho Omokiri who was one of the prime mover & instigator of the EndSARS protest...

Runtown to head an End-SARS peaceful protest in Lagos

Nigerian singer and songwriter Douglas Jack Agu, better known by his stage name Runtown has joined in the campaign for deformation of a unit...

Helsinki Airport; Dogs Trained to help detect COVID-19

Amid the attempts to help curb the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers in Finland have found another powerful way to detect the coronavirus in travelers. Understanding the...