Lyrical Pontiff
Lyrical Pontiff - Boma's Wedding Eve

Indeed who cares
That somewhere in Diobu
Sits in the late, thick of the night
A tailor, and ask himself:
I go kill myself?

Why wouldn’t he kill himself?
The tailor knows the answer.
He knows the dread.
In few hours, it’d be Boma’s trad
He has to kill himself o.

How many trains of excuses
Will save him from Boma’s ambush?
A tailor that knows no urgencies.
He drags simple jobs into eternity
But not on Boma’s wedding dress.

A client always bears the weight
Of a tailor’s gross incompetence.
There is always time for Bet 9ja
There is always time for beer parlor gist.
None to finish sewing a piece of fabric.

Customers come in their numbers,
Customers come with fabrics and money.
Customers gave others a referral to him.
He has a mountain of fabrics to deliver.
He gambles the money and switch off his phone.

Tomorrow is Boma’s traditional wedding,
She had paid for express three months ago.
Ask this tailor of able limbs and brain,
How it’d feel to be disappointed on his introduction
And also on the day of his traditional wedding.
To be continued…


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