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Idris Okuneye the famous “Nigerian male Barbie doll” also known as Bobrisky gets a real grip of himself as he appears for his dad’s birthday.

With the intent to surprise his dad on his birthday, the famous Snapchat superstar visited his dad in Lagos without any heavy makeup, expensive wigs, bags neither an effeminate look. His dad’s birthday was celebrated on Monday 15th June, and Bobrisky is seen in a video wearing a long Jalabiya and a face cap taking pictures.

This appearance has brought a lot of controversial comments on different social media platforms. Everyone has known Bobrisky to be an effeminate and shabby person, but this single appearance has got a lot of people thinking about the driving force for the change. Some have supposed that it was the fear of his African parents and wished that every day will be his dad’s birthday.

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