Apple iOS 14.0 beta 2 (image source:

Undoubtedly, iPhone 12 is the most anticipated mobile device in 2020 as Apple set to release it later in the year. Accompanying this amazing device is the iOS 14.0 which is set to be released soon. Obviously the first noticeable feature of the iOS 14 when handled is the homescreen which has got a lot of iOS lovers talking. From the Beta 2 version released on 22 june, a lot of people have shown interest as they anticipate the arrival of this device. Here we will list some amazing noticeable features of the iOS 14.

  1. Siri: this is one of the most amazing developed feature that has got everyone talking. For years now, Apple has always left siri out of its developmental programs, but with the iOS 14, Apple’s virtual assistant has been redesigned and new abilities have been added to it. Siri now supports new animations and offers new widgets when asked questions like “what’s the weather like?. Also the new translation app has increased your ability to communicate with your Apple assistant.
  2. Home Screen: the iOS 14 now supports features like “App Library”. This allows a new space at the end of your homescreen that automatically gathers your apps in a folders.
  3. Widgets: with this iOS version looking more like andriod software, the iOS 14 allows resizable and customisable widgets which look far better than before. Another amazing fact about the widget is that they can be added to your homescreen rather than locked at your Today’s view.
  4. Translate: This is a whole new app accompanying iOS versions, it is more like the Google Translate app. Translate App allows you to translate your text or voice to 11 different languages. This actually cool right. Furthermore, Translate App is more likely to work offline i.e you don’t really need to have data bundles to enjoy it.
  5. Improved Map: it was noticed that the Apple Map went through a lot of update last year, with better maps for the States. iOS 14 comes with new improved maps to UK, Ireland and Canada.
  6. Improved Privacy: the new iOS 14 comes with a new recording indicator, this is a small orange dot above the signal bar which alerts whenever your camera or mic is being used.


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