Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR (image source:

The Mercedes Vision AVTR was inspired by the movie Avatar, the designers goal was to make it work with the environment, not against it.

The Mercedes Vision AVTR is the first of its kind in the World of autonomous luxury car with so many features that will blow your mind. We will share with you some really amazing features that made this car the first of its kind, its really mind-altering.

The feature about this car that sounds insane is its ability to drive sideways in about 30 degrees. When moving sideways, it looks like its drifting around the corner making it look weird to some. it can crawl sideways like a crab. Each wheel can be controlled independently of the other, this means the tyres can turn in all different directions, you might be thinking how possible is that, but with the Mercedes AVTR it is actually possible. Pretty insane right?

The ties light up as the car is turned on displaying different beautiful colors. This feature is also present on motion. This light on the tyres also serves as indicators, when a turn is needed. It has a range of 700km on one charge, and takes approximately 15 minutes to fully charge the battery with 469 hp.

Another exciting feature of the Vision AVTR is that the car connects with the respiratory system of the driver, this means that it operates on their breathing. The glass doors are full butterfly designs.

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