Fortune Daka
Fortune Daka (Spirit Poet)

A stitch in time saves nine
No stitch till now, it’s past nine
The fabrics of our society got torn last night
Please we need a tailor right now

The leaking calabash of our educational system needs a new pot
The voltage of our reading lamptern
Needs an extra watts
The footpath of our footstep
needs a new patch
The justice of our legal system
Needs a closer watch
The religion of holiness
Needs a politically free church

The cacophony of this noisy gong
Causes me to muse
So low like a mice
But sometimes
So loud like am playing a musical instrument
That is why I will never be mute
Or be controlled by a remote

I shall call on couple, uncles, and all the youths in the street with Google to come and couple all the disassembled corners of the truth
So that
When a community is built
The basic amenities also will be built

I verbalise this because
Things that were in form
Now are deformed
Things that were deformed now are reformed but lacking form
It shall be well they tell us
Into a well we shall be when the wealth with them
In London they dwell
But the basic amenities in our community lies incomplete

Daka I. Fortune
Spirit Poet


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