A Safe Haven by Christian Tamunotonye Caroline

She moved back in fear banging the door with hopes that someone will hear her screams and come to her rescue but alas! Not with a voice tiny and angelic as hers.

Come to daddy! He beckoned but Lydia swore that like other nights he can only have her at her total weakness so she fought, all the while remembering her parents; the torture she received from uncle Philip was little compared to the neglect and mistreatment she received from her own parents, His slap brought her back to reality; her delicate body was battered with injuries, but none worse as when he had sex with her, weak from his beatings, she laid still, he gave her one last slap as he patted her legs and with one drive he slid his manhood into her, the dryness made her scream, he drove hard, on reaching his climax he let out a sigh of triumph and withdrew his manhood leaving her in her tears, she crawled to her room, her hands ravaging her drawer, she sought for the tiny bottle; its contents  able to take away her pain, a little quantity on the tip of her finger, she sniffed it in, alas! The feeling was heavenly, she wanted to forget everything, so she sniffed in more, she emptied the content on the table and with one sniff, it all went down; Lydia lay on the floor lifeless.

Child abuse is a social menace; it can be physical, emotional or psychological with sexual abuse being the most common; research has shown that 75% of adults were abused as children, some survive, others don’t just like Lydia and those that do, live with the stigma except intercepted with counseling. It has been proven that abuse on children is basically by close relations such as parents, guardians, relatives(uncles, aunts) and friends leaving the child with no one or nowhere to run to, but then there exist child laws as contained in the Convention on the rights of the Child(CRC), criminal and penal codes, laws that are supposed to keep the child immune to the abuse inflicted on him/her by members of  the society, family members inclusive; but then these laws are ineffective as children are abused daily plus social vices are on the increase as many abused children grow up to become threats to the society as a means of venting out their pent up emotions.

There is need for everyone to join hands in the combatting of this social virus, child laws should be amended and implemented on any defaulter, the child should be provided with a safe haven in a case of abuse that’s accessible to him/her in any part of the state, urban and rural alike that assures the child that his/her rights will be upheld , parents should be oriented on the difference between discipline and abuse as well as educated on the rights of the child for we must know that the change we earnestly desire begins with us.

Christian Tamunotonye Caroline

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