Ogagaoghene Williams

Ogagaoghene Williams is a remarkable 6.5Ft tall right-footer whose passion for football keeps him fit and ready for action at all times.

With little or no action in the Nigerian Professional Football League currently, the star player shared with us his thoughts that can get the NPLF on the right track to international standards.

1. Introducing Young Players To The Premier League

When you introduce younger players to the premier league it builds them faster and makes them have strong confidence at a very young age, when a player is very young his work rate is higher.

2. Removing Politics And Tribalism From Football In Nigeria

Tribalism can kill a very good footballer’s career on the bench and not able to join a team. I think we should remove politics from the Nigerian football league so we can get the best and bring out the best from the young and talented footballers.

3. Showing Every League Football Match On DStv

If all the matches can be shown on DStv it gives the players a platform for other clubs to see their talent and it gives the footballers market value.

4. Re-branding Team kits

A good looking Football kit is very important, it will give the clubs more value and bring money to the clubs.

5. Getting companies to sponsor the league

If private companies come into the Nigerian premier league it will give the clubs more value.

6. Stop Long Distance Road Trips By Bus

I feel it’s risky for the teams to travel a long distance to play a football match, it’s not even safe with our road and the buses are not even comfortable with no good security. Sometimes they end up having accidents on the road and even get robbed. There is no way a player can have the right state of mind with long-distance travel by bus to play a match.

7. Improving The Football Camps To International Standard

The players are supposed to be very comfortable, pardon me the football camps in Nigeria are not even safe for the players, no security, and the environments are not conducive. If the players are not comfortable where they live they will not be able to give their best in training and match because it affects them sociologically.

8. Paying Players On Time

It is important players are paid on time because some of them have personal responsibilities and family that depends on them financially.

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