This can be one of the more difficult questions to answer objectively, but it is a vital part of our advancement…

I love to share my thoughts with you,I’d love to share my experience daily if I can because I see lots and as a talk show host and an individual,How I ingest,digest and appropriate what’s going on around me into action is paramount.

I was  needed to give a talk at a recently celebrated Nigerian independence program, I was happy to do so because for me inspiring, motivating and educating the world is my desire but one thing prevented me- the reputation of the one the organization was passing through to get to me. Now we are not perfect, but there are some particular personalities that you will not want to be linked to unless a significant change. upom my dwelling on it for a while, I invited him for a conversation where I discussed my view extensively  letting him know how much value is associated to a persons reputation/ what you are known for… I summed it up with saying ‘I would love to be there but because of who you are today and the fact that you are the one the organization passed through to get to me- I will not’…( I say it as it is).

As harsh as this might sound- I knew what I was driving at, I knew what I wanted to derive from the conversation…I knew he would for the first time sit and ponder on his life and decide the way forward…so i waited with him in my mind…
Apparently, he was troubled, he dwelt on it .. very early on the day of the program I got loads of messages followed by calls…
he explained how sorry he is to all he is wronged and for the first time within him he is willing to make a change…
Words couldn’t express how I felt  because it takes a WILLING mindset to make a change…we all had to make certain changes in our individual lives to be what we are or to be on the path we desire..

Your reputation determines your future. You’ve no idea what your 
Personality/reputation can bring to you door step… It doesn’t matter what your were yesterday- what matters is how much positive work you’re willing to put in to evolve into the persona that you desire.

Oh Yes! You can change your reputation for better, be patient and work on it every day until the negative image is gone. Sometimes it can take a long time but it is worth it.

You’ve got to be willing😉
Stay positive🙅


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