Two young female rappers, Samera Buari and Splash, from Ghana and Nigeria respectively are warming up for a spectacular collaboration that will feature a fusion of two contrasting rapping styles.

Both Splash and Samera have dropped hints of an impending single though they did not indicate exactly when they would be dropping the sound.

“We are like sisters from another mother and we are planning on doing something together and you will definitely hear it first when we are done. But trust us it will be appealing to your ears,” Samera said.

“It is great being in Ghana. Like Samera said we are like sisters now. Just watch out for us,” Splash stated.

Both rappers have been considered as lyrically talented, with Samera rapping in English and Splash in her indigenous Nigerian language.

The idea behind the collaboration is for the two promising artistes to flirt with the idea of fusing their respective styles to create a unique style in their upcoming single.

Samera formerly known in showbiz as Esbee, was former member of the all-female group, D3, and is the daughter of veteran musician and movie producer Alhaji Sidiku Buari.

Splash, on the other hand, has been doing serious rap music in the last four years. She is known across Nigeria but decided to come to Ghana to study how things are done in this part of Africa.


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